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At Elmwood Daycare our Infant Care program accepts babies as young as 0 months to 18 month old. We strive to give the babies the love, affection and care that they get at home with a professional touch. The babies will get ample time and opportunity to explore their surroundings, play with different interactive toys and with the caring staff. Weather permitting; we also take the infants outside for our routine walks in safe strollers. For infants, we request that you provide their milk and other food items, as well as their everyday supplies such as diapers, a couple of extra change of cloths etc.
Once they start eating we do provide Lunch, morning and afternoon snack. In rare cases if the child has dietary restrictions, (health or religious) we request that you provide a suitable diet for the child.
Group Ratio is 3 for up to 12 months and 4 for 12 -18months
  • Years Old 0 - 18 months
  • Class Duration 06:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Lunch & Snacks Included